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TeLML (short for TeX-Like Markup Language) is a markup language I created for personal projects, specifically to serve as a lightweight but extensible markup language. I've implemented it in several languages, but the current reference implementation is in Haskell, and can be found on Gitub. In addition to using it locally as a markup language for projects-in-progress, it is also the markup language that powers What Happens When Computer, my short-posts-on-technical-topics blog.

The core of TeLML is the tag, which looks mostly like a LaTeX command invocation (e.g. \em{foo}), with the following major differences:

The TeLML format is split into two parts: the core format, which only defines the data model and how to parse and serialize it, and the markup format, which adds a set of HTML-like basic tags on top (including inline tags like \em{...} and \strong{...} as well as block-level tags like \blockquote{...} and \code{...}.) The libraries linked to above also allow uses that are extensible, in which new bespoke tags can be added for particular purposes.

For a more thorough description, see the following links: